Practice random acts of kindness

TEMBO a.k.a. "T-Bo!"
CFGO (Chief Feel-Good Officer)

For Tembo making others feel good is all in his day's work. As Evolution Hospitality's CFGO (Chief Feel-Good Officer) Tembo has a busy job. He welcomes employees as they arrive for work and gives each one a gentle sniff to say hello. By mid-afternoon he patrols the entire office, checking each garbage can for bits of leftover food assisting in our recycling effort. And before he leaves for the day, he ensures any opportunity to allow associates to practice their own random acts of kindness - by giving him a bone or treat - has been exhausted.

A Rhodesian Ridgeback weighing about 100 pounds, Tembo has captivating, soulful eyes that effectively communicate anything he needs to tell you without saying a word. He's a perfect example of AKC award-winning Rhodesian Ridgeback style. His coat is a rich red oak in color, and his breed's signature ridge of fur runs along his back in the opposite direction as the rest of his fur. Standing about 48" tall, he makes an impressive figure when he joins executive retreats or meets new owners.

Naturally, Tembo's favorite Guiding Principle is "Practice random acts of kindness." Give him a smile and a friendly pet, and you confirm to him a job well done.